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Absolutes produced by Molecular Distillation

Pure natural absolutes produced by the Molecular distillation, which allow decolorizing of absolute preserving all other qualities. Products in the list are available in Bulk (starting from 8 oz) only. If you would like to place an order on one of the products below, please send your inquire to info@pureessentialoils.com


Molecular or short-path distillation is used to obtain:

  • Colorless products,
  • More stable product because of the elimination of heavy constituents (acids, colorings),
  • More delicate notes because of the increase of the percentage of the aromatic parts of the oil.

Because of the strong vacuum (from to 10 -3 to 10 -6 PSI) the boiling point and extraction time are highly reduced, thus preventing the loss of some heat-sensitive notes in the oil.

The product to be processed is combined with a heavy and light solvent and then is passed through the short-path evaporator; the most volatile parts are condensed with light solvents on a so-called "finger" in the middle of the evaporator and then recuperated as a first distillate. (See figure 8.)

The other parts are condensed on the walls of this first short-path evaporator and pumped into a second evaporator. There again, other parts of the oil are concentrated on the inner ''finger" and recuperated as a second distillate.

Residues and heavy solvent are condensed and recuperated in the residue tank. See picture below for details.

Absolutes produced by Molecular Distillation
ambernote md
blackcurrant bud absolute md
cardamom absolute md
clstus absolute md
elderflower absolute md
flouve absolute md
flouve oil md
hop absolute md
labdanum reslnold md
oakmoss absolute md
olibanum reslnold md
orris reslnold md
osmanthus absolute md
patchouly absolute md
peach tree leaf absolute md
raspberry leaf absolljte md
seaweed absolute md
styrax oil pyrogenated md
thyme absolute md
tobacco absolute md
verbena absolute md
violet leaf absolute md


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