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Pure Natural Essential Oils

We sell only 100 % pure natural essential oils. If you have special requests on oils in Bulk or need oils immediately, please send us e-mail to: info@pureessentialoils.com. All prices on essential oils are in $ US. To check if the products you are interested in is presently on sale (click here). We have most of the products available in bulk - 3 kg, 5 kg, 12,5 kg, 50 kg or 190 kg.


Essential Oil Botanical name sample 5 ml 10ml 15 ml 1 oz 4 oz 16 oz 1kg
cade essential oiljuniperus oxycedrus$$$$$$$$
cajeput essential oil vietnammelaleuca minor$$$$$$$$
cajeput essential oil australiamelaleuca cajuputi$$$$$$$$
calamus essential oilacorus calamus$$$$$$$$
camphor essential oil whitecinnamomum camphora$$$$$$$$
cape may essential oilcoleonema album$$$$$$$$
cape snow bush essential oileriocephalus africanus$$$$$$$$
caraway seed essential oilcarum carvi$$$$$$$$
cardamom essential oil guatemalaelettaria cardamomum$$$$$$$$
cardamom essential oil indiaelettaria cardamomum$$$$$$$$
carrot seed essential oil indiadaucus carota$$$$$$$$
carrot seed essential oil francedaucus carota$$$$$$$$
cascarilla bark essential oilcroton eluteria$$$$$$$$
cassia essential oilcinnamomum cassia blume$$$$$$$$
catnip essential oil canadanepeta cataria$$$$$$$$
catnip lemon essential oilnepeta cataria$$$$$$$$
catnip essential oilnepeta cataria$$$$$$$$
cedar leaf essential oilthuja occidentalis$$$$$$$$
cedar leaf essential oil western redthuja plicata$$$$$$$$
cedar wood essential oil atlascedrus atlantica man$$$$$$$$
cedar wood essential oil bloodjuniperus virginiana$$$$$$$$
cedar wood essential oil himalayancedrus deodora$$$$$$$$
cedar wood essential oil texasjuniperus mexicana$$$$$$$$
cedar wood essential oil western redthuja plicata$$$$$$$$
cedarwood virginiajuniperus virginiana$$$$$$$$
celery seed essential oilapium graveolens$$$$$$$$
chamomile blue essential oilmatricaria chamomilla$$$$$$$$
chamomile roman essential oil franceanthemis nobilis$$$$$$$$
chamomile roman essential oil usaanthemis nobilis$$$$$$$$
chamomile essential oil wildormenis mixta$$$$$$$$
chamomile german bluematricaria chamomilla$$$$$$$$
cilantro essential oilcoriandrum sativum$$$$$$$$
cinnamon bark essential oil sri lankacinnamomum zeylanicum$$$$$$$$
cinnamon bark essential oil madagascarcinnamomum zeylanicum$$$$$$$$
cinnamon leaf essential oilcinnamomum zeylanicum$$$$$$$$
cistus essential oilcistus ladaniferus$$$$$$$$
citronella essential oil ceyloncymbopogon nardus$$$$$$$$
citronella essential oil indonesiacymbopogon winterianus$$$$$$$$
clary sage essential oil usasalvia sclarea$$$$$$$$
clary sage essential oilsalvia sclarea$$$$$$$$
clary sage essential oil russiasalvia sclarea$$$$$$$$
clementine essential oilcitrus clementina$$$$$$$$
clove bud essential oileugenia caryophyllata$$$$$$$$
clove bud essential oil wild darkeugenia caryophyllata$$$$$$$$
clove leaf essential oileugenia caryophyllata$$$$$$$$
coffee essential oil super roastedcoffea arabica$$$$$$$$
cognac essential oil greensaccharomyces cerevisiae$$$$$$$$
combava petitgrain essential oilcitrus hystrix$$$$$$$$
copaiba balsamcopaifera langsdorfii$$$$$$$$
coriander essential oilcoriandrum sativum$$$$$$$$
cornmint essential oilmentha arvensis$$$$$$$$
cubeb essential oilpiper cubeba$$$$$$$$
cumin essential oilcuminum cyminum$$$$$$$$
curry leaf essential oilmurraya koenigii$$$$$$$$
cypress blue essential oilcallitris intratropica$$$$$$$$
cypress wood essential oilcupressus torulosa$$$$$$$$
cypress essential oilcupressus sempervirens$$$$$$$$
100 % pure natural aromatherapy essential oils. All prices are in $ US. To buy essential oil or for more information please click on price link
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